Joy Yascone-Elms

Joy Yascone Elms MA is an astrologist and astrological intuitive that has coached hundreds of clients to success in career, love, marriage, and business, utilizing Written In The Stars™ technique. Written In The Stars™ is a program that aligns you with the divine timing of the Universe to manifest your greatest intentions and desires—all based on astrological timing. After attending graduate school and earning a Master’s in Holistic Health from Georgian Court University — Joy founded Written In The Stars ® technique through her astrological coaching practice, which was offered at historic and notable Wainwright House in Rye, New York in 2011.


Joy started to see her clients’ lives change rapidly. “We just rewired their thinking, thoughtfully examined their birth chart, and reconciled where the blessings were coming in utilizing astrological data, so we could nurture the correct source of energy at the correct time. The problem is that this is, in fact, very counterintuitive. If you have a problem, you think on it until you solve it, right? It works in math. However, in life and in utilizing Written In The Stars ® our goal is to shift intention away from what is

challenging us and toward what is blessing our lives”states author and founder

of Written In The Stars Joy Yascone-Elms. Joy’s methodology is based on the premise that whatever you feed grows stronger. Place intention on the challenges, they grow stronger; and place intention on the blessings, and they grow as well! Joy utilizes astrological data to locate these time patterns of opportunity for clients and readers.


Joy has helped clients utilizing astrological data for over 15 years, earning her Master of Arts in Holistic Health studies; focusing much of her studies on holistic counseling techniques and ideas on energy, intention, and manifestation. While in New York, Joy gained first-hand experience with the technique she founded, Written In The Stars ™, to nurture the correct source of energy at the right time—which led her to meet the man who would become her husband, in tune with Universal alignment. Joy writes the monthly astrology column for Sophisticated Living magazine, “Sophisticated Stars”, and regularly writes astrology features for other respected magazines. Joy also has a notable background in the intuitive arts and is a gifted composer, known for her work in film and television and for the film score “The Battle of Ypres”. The Battle of Ypres is a 1925 feature film about World War I, filmed in 1925 with original footage. Joy believes in the connection of all things and that music and astrology are linked through divine frequency. Joy creates music as she does everything else, intuitively.


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